Using Print to Support an Iconic Brand

Q&A with Fineline’s Todd Howard, Director of Sales and Client Services

There are few brands in Indianapolis as iconic as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and Fineline is proud to service its integrated printing needs.  This month Todd Howard, Director of Sales and Client Services talks about how IMS uses print wisely to promote its brand.

  • First off, tell us about how long Fineline has worked with IMS?

Fineline is going into its 3rd year as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s direct mail provider.

  • In what ways have you seen IMS’s marketing efforts change through the years?

Like many, the IMS traditionally used static postcard mailings to help drive revenue, sell tickets, create excitement and promote events.  2 years ago, we started a dialogue to understand how digital tools could augment their current print efforts.  We began by using personalized URL campaigns to drive fans to individual landing pages where they could redeem a specific offer and ultimately purchase tickets.  This promotion achieved great success and even provided IMS with intelligence about their database.  In year 3, they’re testing the use of more customized mail pieces to stand out in the mail box and support a marketing automation partner that’s focusing on campaign touches and relevancy.

  • How has IMS worked with new technology and marketing efforts while maintaining the stability and reputation of its brand?

Obviously, it’s critical to an organization like IMS that all deliverables are up to brand standards.  We ensured all print materials were spot on and worked diligently with our marketing automation partner to ensure all technology was “pointing” to the correct web destinations.

  • What is IMS working on in 2014 that other brands could learn from?

IMS has seen great success in customizing direct mail pieces that really stand out in the mailbox.  While they cost more per piece, the results have proven to be worth the investment.

  • What does IMS say about how Fineline has helped integrate multiple marketing efforts with its brand?

We’re often told that Fineline is a true partner on their team: helping them get a lot done with limited staff. They rely on Fineline to do everything from data manipulation of mail lists and list acquisition, print & mail of all campaigns, management of postage accounts to obtaining & managing any digital activities (such as pURL activity).  We’re proud to be considered a part of their crew!

To learn more about how Fineline can help you utilize print to augment your brand, contact Todd Howard at [email protected]!

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