Case Study: Personalized Data in a Regulated Environment

Fineline’s Case Study on Personalized Membership Kits in the Healthcare Industry

Client Introduction:
Health Insurance Innovations needed to build a partnership with a printing organization that would be able to meet the technical requirements mandated by a regulated environment, understand its organizational needs, and grow along side its organizations.  Through an exhaustive search, HII ultimately chose Fineline Printing Group because it met all of the defined criteria and also had experience in the healthcare industry.

The Work:
Fineline worked with HII to create personalized New Member Kits.  The process was collaborative on both sides, with Fineline showing samples and creative concepts.  The discussion covered how the kit would appear when arriving in the client’s hands, brand representation, financial feasibility, and of course, technical integration.  Fineline worked with Customer Service, IT, Product Development and Compliance to ensure each kit would meet organizational goals.

Organizational response to the mailing kit was overwhelmingly positive!  In fact, the kits were so well received that they’re now considering ways to make the kits even more engaging.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Health Insurance Innovations, Inc. creates customizable and affordable, high-quality health insurance products and supplemental services through relationships with best-in-class carriers. Over two years ago, HII was in search of a printing company capable of producing quality fulfillment for their customers.

Health Insurance Innovations’ industry requires that fulfillment be adherent to HIPAA, DOI, and specific insurance carrier regulations. So, the depth of personalization needed on each fulfillment document needs to be based not only on aesthetics, but also on specific product requirements and industry rules. In order to ensure each unique product is compliant, all fulfillment documents are carrier approved prior to production. Fineline works with HII to guarantee that these requirements are met and that all fulfillment delivered to HII’s customers meets the standards they expect.

With HII’s innovative products and Fineline’s wide scope of work, together they strive to create the best possible experience for each customer.

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