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Innovation Through Collaboration – 3D Printing and the Dscoop Conference
By Fineline’s Todd Howard, Director of Sales and Client Services

A few days ago, a story came through my Facebook feed via CNN. A carpenter in South Africa experienced an accidental slip up while using a saw in his workshop and lost four of his fingers.  It’s a horrible story, with an amazing outcome.  While Richard van As was sitting at the hospital awaiting treatment and wondering about the future of his hand, he was already thinking of a solution to fix it. After numerous searches online for affordable, functional prosthetic hands, he found his now business partner in Robohand, a company that creates prosthetic limbs using a 3D printer.

What is unique about this company is that they don’t just print prosthetic hands; they also share all of their manuals and 3D printable files online so that anyone with access to the 3D printing technology and materials is able to print their own!  This means that not only can the technology be used to better the lives of others, but through conversation and collaboration also allows their technology to be improved through its engaged audience.

At Fineline, we believe that we’re changing the world by helping our partners do better.  We know that you count on us to provide you with current trends in printing as well as innovative business solutions that reduce your workload and assist you with putting your very best foot forward. That is why we continue to educate ourselves and attend conferences like Dscoop North America. Each year since 2009, we have attended the conference and brought back ideas to our customers that allow us to make an impact that neither of us could alone.

This year’s theme was Break the Mold. Keynote presenter Scott Stratten, President of UnMarketing, is an expert in viral social and authentic marketing. We always walk away with groundbreaking solutions and innovative ideas that help to set Fineline apart from our competitors. This year, we’ve been focusing on providing exciting Do-It-Yourself (DIY) options to create more of an effortless customer experience, thus reducing the overall number of transactions you need to engage in to reach your business goals.

What is 3D printing? Could a bit of collaboration get you unstuck in something you’ve been working on?  What examples have you seen in your business where working ‘open source’ improved your business?

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