Case Study: Saying ‘Yes’ First

The definition of success is different for nearly everyone; Fineline’s definition is in how we satisfy and impact our customers. This month, Todd Howard tells us about his team’s success with Novitex.

Client: Novitex Enterprise Solutions in Stamford, CT


Novitex is a digital-first, document outsourcing provider specializing in the Integrated Document Life Cycle™ (The IDLC™). The IDLC™ provides an end-to-end, cloud-enabled approach to business-critical services, ranging from delivery of targeted communications to records management.

Fineline helps Novitex achieve their goals by focusing on two key areas:

  1. Fineline is nimble and we are good communicators, which is extremely important in a hectic environment with constant changes.
  2. We add value by always serving in a consultative role. We work hard to improve turnaround times, and solve problems. We always say “yes” first and then work to ensure that we meet the demand.Sample_Novitex-USPS_3

How did Novitex find Fineline and why were you selected?

Fineline was selected during a highly competitive RFP process. Additionally, it was very important to Novitex that there was diversity in their supplier base and we are a registered Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

Fineline was selected because of our “Yes” culture and because we consistently make things happen. The relationship has grown and they trust us because of the attentive, consultative, and genuinely caring support provided by our Sr. Account Manager, Rich Mathiesen.

What needs does Fineline fulfill for Novitex?

Novitex is a large corporate client with a myriad of printing needs. They are always seeking commercial print providers that can react and respond to their clients’ demands. We have not only filled this specific need but also amazed them with our customer service.

How do you know they are satisfied?Sample_Novitex-USPS_2

As we were wrapping up a business review with them recently, Stephen Smith, Operations Manager, used the remaining time to offer this wonderful testimonial:

I’d like to take the last minute of our meeting to say something. I’d like to personally thank Fineline and their entire team for the fantastic job that they do. You’re a phenomenal partner and you really come through for us time and time again.”

I think that says it all.


Fineline works with many different sized organizations from varied industries. With each client comes different needs. Contact [email protected] today to see how we can say “Yes” to your next project.

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